Nice to meet you!

Nice to meet you!

Hi there. We are Keiretsu europe. A creative team with a passion for creating premiums that tell a story.

Ideas that fulfill your ambition

You’d like to distinguish yourself from the competition, which we at Keiretsu europe understand only too well. That’s why our creative staff would love to assist you in the development of the best promotional concepts for your brand!

Now it’s one thing to tell you that we’ve realised the most creative and effective products for our clients for years, but we’d rather show you. We have various splendid clients, large and small, and we are proud of it. Take a look at our portfolio of cases here, and find out what we can do for you!

Meet the team

Bart van der Linden



Sander de Maa



Annette Nek-Moelker



Kirstin Muller



Charlotte Kaczmarzyk



Edwin Rijken



Iris Leesberg

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Joppe Broerse


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Leon Middelkoop


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Marko Simsic


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Patrick Visbeen


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Priscilla Westphal


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Thierry Wolterbeek


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Valérie Michielsen


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Esther Zwarteveld-Scherff

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Esther van Wijk


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Timo Zuiderduin



Laura Liebisch



Fien Snoeys



Wessel Daamen


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Vincent Leesberg



Mylanda Truong



Annemijn de Klein


Britt van Lingen



Stephan Hoek



Marion Peeters


Team Marion Peeters

Anna Ritter



Joyce Viergever


Joyce Viergever

Juliëtte Boesenach



Melissa van der Ster


Melissa bewerkt

Iris Grootmeijer


Saba Sabour Sadeghzadeh



Lars Ooms


Pasfoto - Lars

Nienke van Pelt



We're looking for superpowers!

Of course you’d like to work for an organisation where creativity, quality and a good atmosphere take centre stage! Are you motivated by innovation and do you know how to transform creation into commercial results? Or would you simply consider yourself an excellent addition to our team? We would love to hear from you. Who knows: we might invite you for an interview one of these days and afterwards you can join us for a bite at the famous BBQ on our rooftop!

How we do things

At Keiretsu europe we provide our clients the best means to realise their objectives. We do so, by developing branded premiums or custom-made items that reinforce the story behind your brand.

Through consultation with you, our designers will review the brand identity and objectives of your brand or business. On this basis, we will create the ideas that will serve the achievement of those objectives. Along with our team of strategists and trendwatchers, we can deliver surprising results within a short timeframe. Everything to create a lasting impression!

Ensure high quality

We take quality quite seriously. Since our foundation in 2000, we’ve never provided our clients with anything besides quality! We are, after all, one of the world’s top performers. We apply the strictest quality policy and check everything right up to the smallest details, throughout all phases of the project. We’ve hired the 

best people to do so, meaning, as an example, we will always be present when your product is under production. Even if it is in China. It’s how we make sure you will obtain the best possible results!

CSR Annual report 2021

At Keiretsu, we are committed to running our business responsibly and sustainably. We have integrated the management of our CSR target into our strategy and operational behavior, benefiting all stakeholders, the environment and the community.

Keiretsu europe chooses tomorrow and believes in the future!

If you want to know more about our corporate social responsibility, go to our CSR page and download our Annual Report.

Quality: ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is the international standard for quality-standard systems. Naturally we have been certified accordingly at Keiretsu europe! It’s one thing to say you provide quality, ISO certifications amount to a pledge. We carry our certifications with pride, therefore.

Environment: ISO 14001

We don’t only greatly value quality at Keiretsu europe, but also the environment. Our certified Quality- and Environmental Management systems (certified since 2012) also comply with the ISO 14001 standard, the standard of choice in the field of environmental management.

Quality: ISO 26000

ISO 26000 is designed to help organizations contribute to sustainable development: CSR. To promote general understanding in social responsibility, and to complement other social responsibility tools and initiatives, not replace them.

Platinum Ecovadis

Keiretsu Europe has achieved a Platinum Ecovadis score during a CSR audit! This indicates the extent to which Keiretsu Europe realizes its CSR policy and applies throughout the production chain.

AB SEDEX member

Keiretsu europe is a proud AB member of Sedex! Sedex is the eminent organisation that provides the global supply chain with ethical policy guidelines. We believe in transparency and in the responsible conduct of business, and we provide insight, for example, into our commercial and manufacturing methods. All to the benefit of our clients, of course!

United Global

The United Nations Global Compact is a non-binding pact of the United Nations to encourage companies and firms worldwide to adopt sustainable and socially responsible policies, and to report on their implementation.

Promotional Products Professionals

Promotional Products Professionals (PPP) is the Dutch trade association for companies that supply promotional products and business gifts and related services. PPP's policy is aimed at professionalising the sector, developing and spreading professional knowledge and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).


Amfori BSCI

In a global market, supply chains are becoming increasingly complex. This makes it even more important for companies to invest in gaining visibility into how their goods are produced and to drive improvements. Amfori BSCI enables companies to drive sustainable trade by monitoring, empowering, engaging and supporting companies to act with purpose. Through active collaboration with governments and partner organizations, as well as our voice and influence, we help create an environment where our members can act with purpose.

dbspartaan logospartarotterdam

De Betrokken Spartaan

Stichting De Betrokken Spartaan is Sparta Rotterdam's social organization dedicated to improving society. Through this foundation Keiretsu Europe ensures that people with a distance to the labor market can find work in our warehouses, we offer safe learning environments with an eye to the future.

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