Branded premiums

Our international team and their years of knowledge and experience deliver top quality for attractive prices. We develop qualitative premiums and innovative concepts for many beautiful, small and big brands and would be pleased to do this for you as well. We do everything in house, from idea to production and fulfillment!

Municipality of Rotterdam

The proud Rotterdamse feeling: carrying the city’s skyline.

Eset Anti bug mok

Mug with an antibacterial layer! That virus won’t stand a chance.

Chipsoft cookie can

A personal gift that whets your appetite.

Farm Frites

Wooden clogs for the ultimate outdoor feeling!

Heineken Cool-Backpack

Heineken is that much better when you drink it chilled!

Domino's Pizza

Think of your favourite pizza when you’re on the road!

Fuze powerbank

Never an empty battery with this Fuze powerbank!

Glencore presse papier

Nothing will blow your paper off your desk again.

Huawei soft touch mug

A fancy mug with a soft exterior.

Delta Heat Services

A battery-powered lamp for on the road.

Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano

The sun is out, the music tropical!

Engie Nederland

Een custom notebook om nooit meer iets te vergeten.

Whoohoo bib

Don’t cry, laugh!


'Looking for new ideas' under the sun!

Maandag soft touch pen

Even writing on Monday will be fun!

Opleidingsbedrijf Installatiewerk

A cap on the outside, a hard hat on the inside.

Fontys Hogeschool

You can dance away on these on-slip socks!

Actify bal

Zilveren Kruis health insurance: 'A healthy proposition'.

International Film Festival

All-important keys and cards on a single key cord.

Would you prefer something different?

No problem! Besides our quality premiums, our creative staff can also develop innovative concepts for you. We have already, for many smaller, as well as important brands. We have developed a concept bicycle for Coca Cola, for example. We perform the entire process internally, from conception to production, right up to the delivery to your doorstep!

Marit's experience

“Keiretsu europe is a team of energetic and proactive people who help us work out solutions in the field of office supplies and business gifts. It’s a partner that can shift gears instantly and makes sure all the deadlines are met. That’s a reassuring thought.”

Marit Maarsman – Brand Coördinator Maandag®

Andre's experience

“Keiretsu europe takes away all our worries, adding inspiration and innovation. It’s a total-care agency that can translate your market position into unique creations that persistently catch the eye. Keiretsu europe guarantees that Domino’s Pizza can provide its target groups with creative products.”

Andre ten Wolde – Dominos Pizza

Nikey's experience

“Along with Keiretsu europe we have developed a unique and daring attentions and gifts policy. Through close and pleasant collaboration, the attention values have been translated into a special, high-quality product line, which incorporates the brand identity in the smallest details, both with regard to colour and to the material execution.”

Nikey Bakker – Senior Global Marketing Specialist Brunel